GSOC with gnome-clocks – Final Report

Well people, the summer is sadly long gone, at least for me, and my summer of coding is approaching its end as well. I must say, that I am very thankful to Google for this opportunity to work in concert with my preferred desktop environment, which is still GNOME. I am glad, that I have seized this frame to finally move myself toward the first contribution to the GNOME project. I really enjoy this time and it’s a great pleasure for me, may be due my awesome mentor Paolo Borelli, I luckily have chosen for me. Thank you. 🙂 Moreover, during this period I have improved my knowledge in different areas and gained a lot of experience.

About the project results: as were reported many times geolocation support has managed to land in last minute to the 3.10 release, which is for sure great!
Moreover, there is even a not yet documented option for our users to toggle the geolocation service:

$ echo "Turn off geolocation support"
$ gsettings set org.gnome.clocks geolocation 'false'
$ echo "Turn on again"
$ gsettings set org.gnome.clocks geolocation 'true'

There is an experimental city images support in gnome-clocks available in the wip/cityimages branch try it out.
Screenshot from 2013-09-21 18:53:33 A youtube video is also available: city images – preview. The video illustrates the functionality of the implemented image providers: flickr image provider requests the corresponding images from the gnome-clocks flickr group, and downloads them for you, so the next time you launch the application they appear instantaneously. The capabilities of the local image provider are also demonstrated: It means, that you always have a possibility to overwrite the suggested image by the flickr provider with your own, you would like to see in gnome-clocks. Therefore you just need to put the corresponding image file into the folder:


Be aware of the following name convention for the image files. They should be named like: “berlin-germany-day.jpg” At the moment you can have two images for each location; one for a day and one for a night, the latter having the suffix “…-night.jpg” in its file name.

More information about gnome-clocks enhancements are available on the project page. Take care 🙂

Aaaah, and one more thank you for my sponsored travel to the GUADEC this year, it was just amazing 🙂


3 thoughts on “GSOC with gnome-clocks – Final Report

  1. Expect the fact that I’m not sure whether I like my computer connect to Flickr in background for various reasons, the result looks impressive. Thank you for your work!

    • Hey, we share your point. This connection is something similar to the one you will have if you open a flickr related page in a browser without having a flickr account. But actually, we are also unsure if flickr is a good candidate for this, that is why we treat this integration as highly experimental 🙂 The main idea is to have a small amount of different image providers for a starting point, so we can build on further on this basis.

      We are open for new ideas 🙂

      Ideally from our standing point would be to have a storage somewhere on one of the gnome servers.

      There are a lot of general purpose open questions still remaining, like who can add pictures and how this should be achieved? 🙂

      • Hey Ewgeny,

        Thank you for your response. The difference is that I expect my web browser to connect to Flickr, Facebook and google in the background and can easily block it based on the knowledge that they connect to those services. This expectation doesn’t hold for clocks. However, I see why Flickr is a good option to get an initial database of images.

        Having a GNOME hosted service would be nice. No idea whether we have the ressources to provide one. In case we don’t, we could provide them on different services and choose one based on available online accounts and use one as fallback. However, this is obviously impractical to manage and comes with an is time consuming to implement due different APIs.

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