Hello Planet GNOME

It’s a pleasure for me to announce to you, that from now on some of my blog entries will be published on PGO.

This summer I work on improving the gnome-clocks app accomplished by a strong support of my mentor Paolo Borelli and a close collaboration with the GNOME design team, especially with Allan Day.

For those, who still does not know how it looks like, here is a screenshot of its current stable 3.8.x release in Russian locale, using a dark theme.
Screenshot from 2013-05-10 00:28:54

Therefore, I will try to keep you informed periodically about ongoing work and achievements concerning this project.

So, Hello. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hello Planet GNOME

  1. Hi,
    Gnome-Clocks and Gnome-Weather are cool, but I think they should be mixed. Any hope for that ? :p

    • I understand what you mean, however I do not have a clear idea how it should be done, If you have an idea or a plan, which you would like to share, then I recommend you to join the #gnome-design channel and to start a discussion there. Alternatively, you can propose a design on the wiki page https://wiki.gnome.org/Design/. 🙂

    • Hey Pacho, it’s a part of the big strategic plan to make gnome better and hence to make it better integrated into Gentoo 😀

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