Hidden portage functionality: bypassing time consuming compilation

Once you decide to update your gentoo system, looking scared at the long long update list, you probably start to think of skipping or postponing some of the time demanding compilations to get the most important things done at the first place. And luckily emerge command provides such a functionality with a –exclude option, followed by the list of items separated by a space. So, here is a small preview, showing how to use it:

# emerge --ask --verbose --newuse --deep --update world --exclude "chromium libreoffice"

And everything is fine! The only mistake, which seems often to happen to me, is, that time to time I forget to put quotation marks around the list of items, I want to exclude. So, please take care not to fall in this trap! And as you probably have seen on the IRC channels, how often people remind each other to put specified options in quotation marks, you can guess, how ashamed I feel, each time this happens to me:) cheers


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